Surveying and Mapping

We use the latest drone and survey technology to provide high quality accurate data which you can access via your own client portal.

How we Work

Drone Surveying and Mapping

We will survey your chosen site with the latest drone technology and surveying techniques.

Our surveys capture millions of points of data for you to access via our online portal within 48 hours of survey completion.

We are members of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS) so you can be confident you’re in expert hands.

What are the benefits of a Survey?

Reduce Cost

Cost Savings

Our accurate data can help you understand where you are losing cost and improve your profitability.

Minimise Risk

Minimise Risk

Minimise the need to involve people in high risk surveying operations.

No need for ladders or working at height when you have a drone survey.

Improved Efficiency


We acquire data fast with the need to involve fewer people and equipment.  No long waiting times, all your data within 48 hours of a survey.

Improved Quality


We focus on providing high quality accurate data that can be used by your business to make the right decisions and improve profitability.

Data Accessibility


We not only collect data in hard to reach areas we allow you to access it when ever you need to.

Client Portal

Client Portal

All of our clients have access to their own survey data in a cloud based portal within 48 hours of a survey.

Our Survey Process Explained

At Drone Surveying, we have a well established survey process which allows us to complete on-site survey operations, for sites up to 150ha within one day.  We operate with autonomy from your team so we won’t interrupt your business during the survey.  Our operators all carry a minimum of £5m Public Liability Insurance and £2m Professional Indemnity.

Stage 1: Project Planning

Stage 2: Delivery

Stage 3: Data Processing

Stage 4: Access to Data

Stage 5: Data Reporting

Stage 6: Ongoing Support

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