Progress Reporting

Make progress reporting simple with a drone survey.  Our detailed images and data enable you to keep track of your construction phases quickly and easily.

How we Work

Progress Reporting

We are members of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS) so you can be confident you’re in expert hands.

We will survey your chosen site with the latest drone technology and surveying techniques.

Our surveys capture millions of points of data for you to access via our online portal within 48 hours of survey completion.

Routine 3D modelling allows you to quickly compare change over time visually or with accurate measurements including gradient, volume and surface area – all through the convenience of our online portal:

What are the benefits of a Progress Report?

Reduce Cost

Cost Savings

With accurate data you can accurately predict soil movement costs.  Our surveys are usually accurate to within 2cm.

Minimise Risk

Minimise Risk

Minimise the need to involve people in high risk surveying operations.


Improved Efficiency


We acquire data fast with the need to involve fewer people and equipment.  No long waiting times, all your data within 48 hours of a survey.

Improved Quality


Comprehensive reporting of works on an ongoing basis to enhance quality control and minimise risk.

Data Accessibility


Our reports are detailed and can be used for your own internal systems and reporting processes.

Client Portal

Client Portal

All of our clients have access to their own survey data in a cloud based portal within 48 hours of a survey.

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