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Drone Surveying was founded in 2014,  by Jim Morris a leading UK Drone Surveying and Aerial Photographer.  Drone Surveying has quickly become one of the most trusted Drone Surveying businesses in the UK and have worked with some of the largest House Builders in the UK.

managed risk


Flying Drones Safely is our number one concern.

Before we fly our drone our operators will conduct a full risk assessment of the area to be surveyed.  

If it is unsafe to fly we will not attempt a survey.

Our operators all carry a minimum of £5m Pulblic Liability Insurance and £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Data Accuracy

Not many Drone Surveyors will commit to an agreed level of Data accuracy.  We do.

This should be a crucial purchasing decision for you.  

Accurate data can help you identify issues that can result in losses, save money and help your teams benefit from the data we’ve produced.

Within 48 hours of your survey you will receive access to your own portal and processing quality report.



There are varying degrees of Drone Operators, not all are surveyors

Our Founder Jim Morris is a committee member of the Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ARPAS) and is committed to helping the establishment of best practice Drone Surveying standards in the UK. 

You can be confident in our quality and commitment to using the latest surveying technology.

Brands we work with

Our Founder - Jim Morris

Jim is the Operations Director at Drone Surveying Limited, supplying specialist survey services to the construction industry.

Working across the Country for many construction companies, providing accurate survey grade data and saving them money in management of earth on site.

His passion for accuracy and promoting Drone Surveying combined with traditional surveying methods is what drives him to change the way that the industry thinks about Drones and the future of surveying.

With years of experience in Housing as a Communications and IT specialist, Jim has a passion for Innovation and sharing his knowledge with others.

He also describes himself as a “Geek with a personality”. As a qualified UAV operator since 2014, he trained a team of Pilots at one of the largest Housing Associations in the Midlands, helping them become the first in the UK to have CAA approval to inspect their buildings saving them thousands of pounds each year



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